Thursday, February 9, 2012

My other project

Hi, I´m currently working another project witch I call witch is basically a blog where you can watch me turning from regular amature game player into professional game creator only using the internet as my source of knowledge.  I started out testing Game Maker Lite version and it was very nice and cool to use, but I needed a better product so I tested Unity3D and it rocks.  There are still some learning process going on so this project is going to take a long time, when I´m finished with the game I will create a tutorials, scripts in the learning center of the site witch you can watch how I did this.  I also have a video blog about this so you can watch me talk about game stuff.

It has been very hard the few past months because I have been working and working, and working late so there has been no time to blog or anything, I was going to create some App-V videos but the work and family had the priority.  I´m still going to post some tutorials on App-V and still wondering about the book.  I´m currently thinking about creating the App-V book in e-book format and sell it as a app on Ipad or maybe soon on Windows 8 Tablet hopefully.

See you soon, please check out my project at