Thursday, May 31, 2012

Problems App-V Server 5.0 Beta

Yeah it has not been effortless to try to install App-V 5.0 Beta, I have been having some issues with it so I am going to post some of the error codes that I know that causes some issues and how to fix it. These errors are from the App-V client so you can view them in the Event Viewer under "Application and Services Logs->Microsoft->AppV->Client->Admin"

  • Operation attempted: RefreshPublishingServer. AppV Error Code: 0A00002EE2
    • Problem is with accessing from the client to the publishing server, you can test the connection by trying to telnet to the publishing server. Go to command prompt type in with out quotes "telnet PubServerIP portnumberYouHaveChoosen" or in my case "telnet 50537" if you cannot access it you need to open the port in the firewall on the publishing server.
  • Operation attempted: RefreshPublishingServer. AppV Error Code: 0A000001F4
    • This problem can because of HTTP 500 error, you can try to access the server by going to Internet Explorer and typing in the server name and the port such as "http://PubServerIP:PortNumber" or in my case "".  If you get an error 500 then maybe there is some problems with the appv setup.  So I have been doing some digging and found out that there are some bugs in App-V 5.0 by using the name of the management server in the setup of the publishing server, well at least if you are going to use the publishing server and the management server on the same server.  So there are two things you can do to fix this :
      • Edit the registry and change the settings for the management server and use the name of localhost such as "http://localhost:portnumber" or in my case "http://localhost:50536"
      • Remove and reinstall the App-V publishing server and set the name to  "http://localhost:portnumber" or in my case "http://localhost:50536" in the management field.
Proof of concept, I have sequenced firefox and OpenOffice 3 so here is a screenshot

The next thing I need to do is to fix the tutorial part 1 with the correct settings, plus commentary.  Then I´m going to finish the App-V client setup and configuration.

I will be posting in depth configuration for App-V 5.0 Beta, such as using powershell, registry hacks and lots more.

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