Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I really need a better computer

I´m getting frustrated here because my computer AMD with 12GB of ram is not sufficient running few vm machines. I really need a big computer, like 64GB ram, 2x cpu Intel Xenon 6 Core workstation with like 8x250GB some awesome SSD disks raided to more testing on windows, appv and lot of other microsoft product testing. When I reboot my computer and need to start few vm machines it takes about 25minutes to start. I know it is dreadfull and boring. I pray for a new computer soon, before I go crazy. Well at least one can dream... :)

Hmm.. this sounds nice

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  1. You can used a better computer if you choose a high memory. Presently, I used computer now with 2GB DDR3 Memory and 640GB HDD. It is really useful if you download a higher GB apps. I download application virtualization from cameyo with low GB and you can find more installer there that you can download on your computer if you have a high memory.