Wednesday, June 6, 2012

App-V 5.0 Beta Server Install Tutorial - Part 5 (Final)

So the final chapter in the App-V 5.0 Beta tutorial series is finished. I have been working hard to get this working and creating a great tutorial for you guys who are interested in virutalizing applications.  Hopefully many more will join the cause of virtualizing applications because it´s awsome. Microsoft Application Virtualization Developers are doing an awsome job in creating this Awsome product.  This part of the tutorial is about converting App-V 4.6 sequenced application witch is VLC Player to App-V 5.0 sequenced package, then we try to publish the package and run it succesfully on a client. Bellow the video is the list the Beta series.

App-V 5.0 Beta Tutorial Series
  1. Installing, Configuring and Managing App-V 5.0 Server
  2. Installing, Sequencing and Publishing App-V 5.0 Application
  3. Installing and Configuring App-V 5.0 Client on Windows 7
  4. Installing and Testing App-V 5.0 Client on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012
  5. Testing, Converting and Publishing App-V 4.6 to App-V 5.0 Sequenced Package

Btw I´m going to Teched 2012 in Orlando Florida next week, hope I will meet someone who is interested in the my blog, it would be nice to chat with someone about it.

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