Monday, June 18, 2012

Windows Reimagined - Where does App-V fit in - Part 2 ?

I did not get any response from Senior Program Manager Lead Remote Desktop Protocol, but why did I ask him ? I was at the TechEd 2012 NA conference and met him so I decided to ask and he replied that I should send him an e-mail, so I sent him an e-mail on Monday last week but still no reply.  So I started to do some digging into App-V 5.0 + Remote Desktop in Windows Server 2012 and here are the final results. 

Microsoft is doing a good job in creating all products powershell compatible, App-V 5.0 is well integrated to Windows Server 2012 if you add the specified cmdlets, then you can add the virtualized applications on RemoteApp using regular method as publishing applications.  If you check out the tutorial you can view how it is done.

The Cmdlets witch are used are these
import-module appvclient
Add-AppvClientPackage -Path "\\appvsrv\Content$\OpenOffice 3\OpenOffice 3.appv"
Publish-AppvClientPackage -Name "OpenOffice 3" -Global

Yes, App-V 5.0 fits perfect in the new Windows Reimagined by using powershell commands. But if you have lot of Remote Desktop Services servers you would probably want to think about how you can publish the applications using powershell remotely or automatic.

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